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All employers must maintain records of the number of workers they employ, the amount they pay them, deduct taxes on their salaries, pay those taxes to government, keep track of the number of leaves they take in a month, among much else. This is a time-consuming task that requires assistance, particularly when your business is too small to make it viable to do it in-house. Given how crucial it is to maintain these records, payroll is essential from the moment you hire your first employee. Not only is it required from a legal and compliance standpoint, but also from an accounting perspective, as payroll and payroll taxes considerably affect the net income of most companies.


Advantages of Payroll Management

Informed Decisions

  • It’s only with reports that you can take informed decisions on attendance, employee-related expenses, increments, number of leaves. Our payroll management services, you have all the data you need as a small business owner.


Stay Compliant

  • There are a bunch of compliance-related issues with regard to payroll that get taken care of when you opt for our services. We will work out all the tax-related issues, file employee taxes, maintain all the leave records and generate payslips.


How we can help you

Our specialized Payroll service includes

  • Managing expense and re-imbursement management along with Payroll process,
  • Disbursement of Payroll and employee re-imbursements,
  • Issuance of Pay slips,
  • Depositing Payroll related Taxes and Employee Contributions to Pension or other funds
  • Filing of relevant Forms and Returns and Compliances under various Labour Law / Statutes
  • Salary structuring in Tax efficient ways with clear workings to show employee Take Home salary.
  • Leave management:
  • Salary register
  • TDS reports
  • Generates form-16
  • Quarterly TDS returns


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